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Global Mobility Services

Global Mobility Services
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Learn how you can reduce relocation costs without sacrificing quality service through our specialized division for expatriates. Welcome to "EASY SPAIN", the expatriate services by David Mülchi & Asociados

The need to develop global leadership and the growth of new business ventures abroad has prompted a massive rise in global mobility. DM&A offers its well established experience in Spain to optimize global mobility services and adapt relocation services to size.

Oriented to both executives and organizations, EASY SPAIN provides a complete support from beginning to end of the expatriation process.

EASY SPAIN is the perfect combination of 3 departments of David Mulchi & Asociados, coordinating together:

1. DM&A legal and administrative department
Legal advice throughout the process of expatriation:
• Employment contract, expatriate employment agreement, expatriate remuneration package, returning plan at the conclusion of the expatriation.
• Assets, liabilities and transactions
• Analysis and advice in relation with Social Security and pension schemes.
• Arranging all the necessary documents: visa, long-term permissions.

2. DM&A International Tax Advisors
All issues linked with the expatriation tax compliance in Spain and abroad:
• Personal income tax. Optimizing personal income tax obtained working in Spain and/or abroad.
• Residence.  Tax analysis between home country and Spanish residence of the expatriated executive.
• Assets, liabilities and transactions abroad.      
• Wealth tax. Optimizing Net Worth Tax of the expatriate assignee.
• Commercial Obligations. Legal advice and representation in commercial obligations abroad and in Spain.

3. DM&A Relocation services
Our team directs and manages all the process of relocation to make the expatriation experience more seamless:
• Accommodation: finding a new house.
• Education: finding a school for children.
• Domestic Service: finding personal for child care, housecleaning, cooking, and gardening.
• Language: arranging a teacher for the family.
• Culture: introducing fresh expats to the local culture.