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Tax Health Check Up

Tax Health Check Up
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Don’t wait till it’s too late. Intax Check Up is a quick diagnosis of your fiscal health. Oriented to every person with an international project, Intax Check Up is made to identify the possible diseases or the validity of your actual tax planning structure.

INTAX CHECK UP is the possibility to take advantage of our boutique tax firm large experience to get a quick "check-up" on your fiscal health.

Designed for any individual or company, trade or investment, any asset or business subject to several countries legal frameworks, INTAX CHECK UP gives a quick view of how your tax situation is and how it can be improved, directly from the hands of recognized senior international tax advisors.

Affordable, fast and reliable, INTAX CHECK UP is what you need at any stage of your international project. At forehand, INTAX CHECK UP can be a preventive strategic planning, it will be a diagnosis if applied to an on-going project, or a simulation if used on a fictive business projection. 

In addition to advising our clients, David Mülchi & Asociados INTAX CHECK UP is often retained by other local tax and law firms to provide experienced international tax advice to their own clients.

Collecting information:
You can forward us all the information needed through an email, a form, a call or a meeting. The most strict confidentiality will be applied, as you decide whether your identify yourself or stay anonymous.
A team of international tax consultants will be assigned to your case and will go through all the data.
We deliver a full summary on your health, the possible diseases and the available therapies.
Depending on the amount of information provided, INTAX CHECK UP won’t take more than 15 days.