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Prospects: New Capital Market Finance for SME´S

Prospects: New Capital Market Finance for SME´S
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  • Area Manager: David Mülchi / Jorge Miera
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Hire DM&A expertise, first Corporate Advisor of “Prospects” in Spain, and grow fast and smart with the benefits of a new tool to access Capital Markets in a cost efficient and easy way, specially design for Small and Medium Enterprises.                       

“Prospects”, a MIFID compliant Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) is a new platform set up by the Malta Stock Exchange in line with its commitment to open up new capital market opportunities, create economies of scale and to afford businesses more competitiveness and sustainability.

Previously, access to capital markets was only available to larger entities. But thank to “Prospects”, Small and Medium/sized enterprises (SME’s) are now able to raise capital and financing by issuing bonds and new shares, or selling existing shares to a large pool of investors, in a market specially design for them that adapts to their particular needs and circumstances.

For this reason, “Prospects” offer these opportunities in a simplified, cost efficient and straightforward manner. Some of the benefits of Prospects are:

  • Access to increase capital and financing, through the issue of new equities and corporate bonds.
  • Admission to Prospects will raise brand awareness amongst the public.
  • Prepare for the issue, or sale, of equity as part of a succession planning process.
  • The company may secure capital at a competitive coupon rate, in case of bonds, under more favorable conditions to other traditional methods of raising finance.
  • SME’s will enjoy the benefits of good corporate governance, and the enhance efficiency and effectiveness which this brings.
  • The admission of equity will create an opportunity for shareholders to exit the market efficiently in the future.
  • No collateral is required to access finance on the capital market.
  • Simplified requirements:
    1. Business plan required (instead of a prospectus) 
    2. No minimum value for an IPO, thought the MSE envisages IPOs of between €1 million and €5 million 
    3. Any number of shares may be floated (no minimum percentage) 
    4. SMEs have full flexibility of issuing equities or corporate bonds

In order to list the “Prospect”, a Corporate Advisor is mandatory under the “Prospect rules”.

DM&A as Corporate Advisor, is here to be your partner in the long run and provide to national and international companies financial solutions and business insights on “Prospects”, colliding vision and passion. DM&A will go along with your company in all the different phases of the process:

  • Pre-Application Phase:
    1. Will conduct Due diligence on the company
    2. Will provide advice and support on the creation of the business plan and the application process.
    3. Will guide the company as to the management structure and financing options, ensuring that the company satisfies all eligibility requirements
    4. Will prepare accounting and disclosure information
  • Application Phase:
    1. Will ensure that directors of the applicant company understand their responsibilities and obligations.
    2. Will assist the company in the various compliance, transparency and accounting protocols.
    3. Complete admission documents and associated checklist 
    4. Support the IPO processes
  • Post-Application Phase:
    1. Maintain contractual services agreements
    2. Regularly interact, advise and disclose as required
    3. Capacity as an independent advisor on accountancy, tax, corporate and business advisory services.


DAVID MÜLCHI & ASOCIADOS, in his assignment as Prospects Corporate Advisor's, website, declare that it will at all times maintain: 

.          (a)  Independence, impartiality, objectivity, confidentiality and ethical standards ensuring that it can identify, mitigate and, if not possible to eliminate, disclose any conflicts of interests and how such conflicts are managed; 

.          (b)  to the extent allowed a process by which the Corporate Advisor or its Connected Person may invest or trade in securities issued by their client Prospects Companies and the immediate disclosure of any such investment or trading therein; and 

.          (c)  quality assurance in respect of its services to client Prospects Companies